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Hi! Today I am wishing a Happy Birthday Celebration to our friend AntoninoCanino :iconantoninocanino82:
A very talented artist! Good friend and he draw fantastic cars!
  The Evmobile 2013 by AntoninoCanino82 Speed of Sound by AntoninoCanino82 Cel's new toy!!!! XD by AntoninoCanino82 Tono Toki's Artwork Summary 2016 by AntoninoCanino82 Tono Toki's 2014 Art Summary by AntoninoCanino82
Enjoying the gifts done by his friends
  Enjoying a sunny day at the beach by AntoninoCanino82 Antonino and Racer by MrDominicDog antonino and olivia buttdance by sprucehammer  Octupus To Dog by Malort57 Ticklin' dog by Malort57  For AntoninoCanino82 by MrDominicDog Playing Volleyball by Malort57 Surf's up!!! by fredvegerano fts_TTA_83_Dynamite_Cake by FortressRayden An Unexpected Guest!!!! by AntoninoCanino82

And anwering the tag he shared to me:

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters.


EnjoyTurkeyOrChicken by Malort57

She was originally just a F.C. for one episone of my Tickling Comics. And a friend of mine suggested to be developed.
Her idol: Merlyn.
Her white furr attracts power.
Her royal ocuppation keeps her  very busy.
Strangely Dogs and mice love her.
first character. (Or the only one)
Nobody knows her name
Nobody knows her age.

One more time! happy Birthday! :party:


A. Malort
Artist | Professional | Varied
JustWishingMerryChristmas by Malort57 malort_Hamburdeer_xmas by Malort57 Malort_Rudolph by Malort57

WELCOME TO THIS DANGEROUS GALLERY! You can find a little bit of my goods in a more original style and ideas. Original art and Fan Art.

- Animator
malort Diavlo fan art by Malort57 malort_BabyJosieAnimated by Malort57 comission number I lost my countown by Malort57

- Cartoon Artist

- Comic Artist

- Anime Artist

- Character developer
- My Original Characters

- Developing OC's from other artists

- Co-productions. (collaborations)

- Winner of Contests

I am a new cartoonist, and I'd like to produce many things, I'd like to get a job of creating comics, magazines or TV shows.

Starting my gallery.

One of my interests is let you know a I am new artist, cartoonist, designer and character creator.

100,000 pageviews in 4 years
470 watchers in 253 pics.

No Boots NO Shoes by Malort57 WizardCat AnimeSpell 1 by Malort57 Deer Gift by Malort57 Spanked Deer by Malort57
tickled deer 6 cover by Malort57

Suzie Fan Button (Request) by Kyu-Dan

Very good friends here:
:iconsnowfox-angel: :icongato303co: :icondonte39: :icondavide76: :iconborisfedorov: :iconantoninocanino82: :iconlittledoodlefan: :iconivan-elterrible: :iconsuziethepuffball: :iconfredvegerano: :iconandebyful: :iconcaseydecker: :iconwolf492: :iconcaptainmexico: :iconseiya-meteorite: :iconastydamiaghiselin: :icongreenwhisp: :iconcollecter128::iconanthony444333: :iconlupus1:

favotite PLZ's:


Very long Commissions awaiting (not accepting for now)



Notes: It happened in 2013 but updating because the thief stills on.  I am just updating and informing the truth about a group of haters behing their lovely face. I feel angry because one of my best friends is not on DA because these slags has been harassing and defaming him. Many issues got reported and revoved if you see some broken links. I will keep joining evidence.

Enemy: :iconannafox: and his buddies.

Victim: Maybe you have Heard about my friend Captain Mexico :iconcaptainmexico: He's creative, a great artist and a great person, like a real hero. However... believe or not SOMEBODY IS TROLLING HIM!!

By 2 cruel and traitor brothers who uses the same  account called Anna Fox also with a faggot guy aged 50 years old known as Kike Rodz who has many alternative accounts like veronica. That group of ingrate, cruel and thieves received all help from that friend, but as real villains from comics... they planed a traitor plan to destroy our hero, defaming him, insulting him, why? No reason!! JUST BECAUSE THOSE BROTHERS ARE CRAZY!! Therefore Rokefox :iconrokefox-3d-art: was banned. And now together they keep doing their evil plans, and not enough... they did another hate art.

 Rokefox got banned because he, his sister and KikeSkunk trolled a guy named Tronkan. So retard they confuse people and defamed and frammed this innocent friend.

Please help us to report that couple of trolls, for years they have been trying to destroy that good user. Spreading hate, offensive comments, spam, offensive deviations and false news. They repeat these same tricks from many years ago. Before our time.

Here when a user asks if is captain Mexico...…

...Annafox replies: Yes, and in fact those are his pets Kuat and Chacz. (that coward has hidden that comment) At the same time those cowards delayed his defender. (What a dirty people around) KikeSkunkz stealing characters from their own budies to bully them.

The Troll team deleted his troll art. However they reposted the same hate art in FA. Please if you have FA account help us to report it. However he took without permission his character to make him as bad and selfish animal, in other words saying he's a copy from another character.



 The Captain has his own FA account, however it's impotant somebody else help him, alone is rather difficult.

Hate art is forbidden, he's getting haters because she has been defeming him. I reported them, but we need more people who help us to stop those pursuers. They are trolls out of control.

As a prove our friend blocked those trolls, however their hungry of hate made them created another troll account., and its last troll message was this, saying Annafox never loved the Captain, how false people, and our good friend gave everything for them Her troll acount said this, with her own words just saying she always hated him and is happy because she keeps bothering him…

Later because their troll account was suspended they posted a ridiculous tribute to that dead account, was a chance to hurt our Captain telling a false story to her fans.

Here some asks who's the guilty…
No doubt Annafox replied:Captain Mexico, was our friend but it's a bad guy.
Here again is trying to force people to act against the Captain.…


But after that they posted journals against him, and you can can see how rude replied



Be carefull, are 2 brothers who wants to be famous, they just want to join many users, favorites and nice comments and free points. Not enough they are very expert to defame people, if they hate you... they does stories and hate arts saying "you have stolen money, or cofuse you to other guys, he blame you. Or you are a dirty bandit or you have touched their cute body" Don't believe their childish lies.

 See the character, with his same hat, mustache, cap, boots, gloves, with his same chilly token and his same colors yellow and red.  

Any doubt. here I am to reply questions, all evidence is right here. In DA.  Report the troll accounts  to remove their troll art, they took without permission his Character but for evil plans.

When they saw my journal they removed their hate-art from DA and FA. Those maniacs are real masters of lies, and not enough they were saying "this is false" and " I cannot prove anything" NO? So why they have to hide and remove all evidence? And in DA still their offensive comments. It's a troll team who all time bother people, but if you defend from them they call you "the villain and the bad guy" See how coward typical from bandits, never admit was their fault. And told to everybody who commented here trying to say their crimes were lies. They begins a war as all time menace and say "they are white doves and I should investigate" Therefore because I investigated them I'm pretty sure are just lies what they have been saying. That is false. That proves they are scared pursuers.  In front our same eyes we saw what they did repeating the same recycled message. If you block her so she uses another account called yetocamello to bother you.

Roke Fox is a guy under a girl called Anna Fox and Helped by another guy under a girl disguise; Kike Rodz using altternative accounts like Veronica Skunkette and Bimbette. That guy is such coward who intead attack trolls he trolls his friends and good guys who help him, all time is menacing of leaving the site, for years he have been doing dramas for years just to get pageviews and was already reported because he was trolling the user Spaceheatbear, a girl who defended and helped him, and that guy as reward he trolled the young girl, repeat it, Veronica is not a girl and is not young he's 50 years old.

Here's a example how Kike was trolling another user, therefore she reported and the troll got a punishment.…

Now when they saw this journal they have been tryibg to be "friendly guys" saying now to everybody if they can be your friends. I recomend you, not even reply, if you reply with hate they hate you, and if you reply with love they will hate you anyway. The oportunists when he needs you he will demand your protection, fand and wathers. But if you refuse he able to do the worst thing you can think. He supported his biddies raping Ip´s and deat treats to the users they refuse.



if you have FA account report his hate art…


And again Kike the art thief strikes back.
Now he is copying my tarzan parodies replacing the origina character into his favorite sexual toy: the little Fifi la Fume
(Just as I expected)
 is not coincidence just now when I did Tarzan parodies inmediatelly he copied my idea.

That guy with Anafox and a hater gang have been harassing my friends.
Kikerodz or VeronicaSkunkette or BimbetteSkunk (is the same guy) was messing a guy named 3ponfat1996 till make him leave deviantART.
RokeFoxand AnnaFox keep harassing and forcing people to be "their fans" if you refuse or reject them: KIKE(VERONICA) POSTS JOURNALS SAYING AS YOU ARE TROLLING HIS BUDDIES!! (Meet his dirty tricks)

This site allowed them trolling for 10 years. (2005-2015) They keep so happy on Furaffinity.

He has been stealling bullying and stealing art from my friend Captainmexico. He and his pals posted some evidence, proving how he began this global chaos.…

Proving hate to people who fight for justice. But feeding crimes from his buddies, specially from Annafox.

These are the original jobs he has been copying.
CindyWolf Tarzan by Malort57 JungleWildAnimals by Malort57 Tarzan Cat by Malort57

It cannot be so reatard! Same tarzan parodies, same furry girl concept, same vines, same clothes, SAME COLOR CLOTHES AND EVEN SAME SPOTS. So retard he not even changed the suit or the color.

Kikerodz has been many times reported for harassing, bullying and stealing art. The jealous strikes back. All his pics have been copies from somewhere but you don´t know.

He trolled me and my friends and he steals happy feeding his Queen Hater Annafox and stealing art.
She got banned however Kike(Veronica) is hidding their crimes yet. Do not believe him. Annafox finally got banned in 2015. The banned icon proves they got banned and not simply deactivated as that hypocrite says. :iconannafox: Both keep harassing and stealing on sites like Furaffinity.

His weapon is drama and people's ignorance. All time to make people fight for his butt is saying as "you were stealing his stinky characters"  They are really plagiriarims from Pepe Le Pew and Fifi La Fume. In fact he said those were TinyToon Fictional Characters. So that means he cannot use them without persmission from Warner Brothers. Take care, that sick guy is traumatized and says as everybody is stealing "his brilliant art" when he is who steals.

He is now stealing my Tarzan ideas. Could be so retard and copy my same costume design same color, same spots, same landscape even the same vine! The same Tarzan Furry Girl concept. Just some days later when I did mine. Because he is not creative he used his favorite sexual toy: Fifi.

Also his "best character" is a silly copy from a character from an Hungarian movie. Look! Same Furr color, same blue eyes, SAME CHEEKS, same nose, exctly same hair style, red haired even the same yellow flower on her head.

Now you know, don't go by his cheating.

Skunk Steals Rabbits by Malort57  Veronica-Skunkette(Kike) copied this character and turned it into a skunk and re-named "Veronica-Skunkette". Not even he is able of creating his "own characters". He is so poor he has to steal ideas and characters.

The guy who steals and is behing all skunk accounts is a guy named: Enrique Rodriguez (not a lovely girl as the wants to make you believe)


Malort Deer Ecounter
Malort presents:  Mother Deer in: A special enconter

A comic dedicated to somebody I know in real life.
Maybe you have seen that deer characters on my comics, she is the mom of a little fawn named Hamburdeer, a character I have drawn many times. Her name is Gravy. This time she the animal and a human get an encounter. Along a villain named Eder Robber. As you can see here he did a cruel joke to their tongues. (How long!)

Thank you for visiting me! See you soon !

<< Previous job

Mature Content

BeMyValentine by Malort57

Iappreciate this awesome gift from our friend Coek no tricks by coekj

Hamburdeer, Mother Deer and Eder Robber © M & H Group/ Sodabull Comics
© 2017 by: A. Malort 20-02-2017. Hamburdeer, Mother Deer and Eder Robber © M & H Group/ Sodabull Comics

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